Project Fire commended for 40 years of innovation and education

Bernadette Hartley was one of the founding members of the NFSN, her passion and vision for the sprinkler cause has helped the Network to push for stricter regulations and bring awareness to the importance of sprinklers in the UK. The award is nationally recognised and highly regarded within our industry. We gave Project Fire a commendation because of their long-standing membership and proactivity within the Network and for being a globally recognised leader and innovator in the field of sprinkler protection.”

Project Fire Products Ltd was commended for 40 years of innovative and educational work in the field of fire sprinklers by the National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN) as part of the Bernadette Hartley Awards 2018.

The NFSN, founded in 1998, is one of the leading sprinkler bodies in the UK who proactively fight for more stringent fire sprinkler regulations in the built environment. They are also committed to working with key industry influencers to introduce improved standards and legislation that will safeguard individuals and communities from the threat of fire.

Project Fire was awarded the commendation at the Network’s General Members meeting, hosted by the Derbyshire Fire Rescue Service HQ, in Ripley this month.

Project Fire Products is a manufacturer of innovative fire sprinkler solutions. Based in Staffordshire, the company is proactively changing the industry through education, thought leadership and innovation, creating safer and more efficient fire sprinkler systems, which go above and beyond the industry approved and standard practices, helping to make buildings safer for people across the world.

Over the last 40 years Project Fire has developed a range of industry leading products that tackle common challenges for sprinkler system testing, management and compliance. One of their most innovative products is Zonecheck Addressable, the world’s first and only UL approved fire sprinkler testing and monitoring system which enables fully automated sprinkler system testing. Livetap is also a revolutionary method for carrying out sprinkler system modifications without the need to drain down, remaining live throughout any works carried out. Project Fire’s latest innovation ‘Firepod’ is set to change the way buildings can be designed, increasing efficiency, and streamlining the installation of sprinkler systems.

“We were delighted to receive the commendation from NFSN for our work within the fire sprinkler industry over the last 40 years. Innovation and education are the cornerstones of Project Fire, and we are very pleased to have been recognised for this achievement. We have always worked closely with fellow industry leaders, including the NFSN, who share the same goals to ensure that our buildings and people are kept safe from fire.”

Other commendations on the day included Stuart Ruckledge, Fire Engineer from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and Nick Coleshill, Watch Manager for the London Fire Brigade for their local fire sprinkler retrofitting projects for high-rise buildings. Both Stuart and Nick will be speakers at Project Fire’s Safe for Life event running on 2nd and 3rd May in London, along with keynote speaker, TV broadcaster and presenter Nick Ross. The event is an opportunity for industry experts to come together and discuss fire protections innovations and regulations for the international built environment.