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Below is a resource that outlines some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the code requirements for installing and maintaining an automatic fire sprinkler system, plus a downloadable fire sprinkler specification for use on your projects. This sprinkler specification has been developed to specifically recognise and provide the highest level of fire protection engineering, monitoring, and endurance for project sustainability. Our solutions go above and beyond best practice and help create more efficient and sustainable systems and are simply a smarter way to remain compliant. Click on a category to view content or you can download the full specifications below.

This specification is designed for automatic fire sprinkler systems that fall under the current British and European Standard EN 12845. This will include most insured risks as well as commercial premises. Where the sprinkler system is being installed for purposes of property protection the insurer will typically require the sprinkler system to be installed to the LPC rules (which is BS EN 12845 and the technical bulletins) which are published by the FPA (Fire Protection Association).

BS EN 12845

How often do I need to test wet alarm valves?

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Wet alarms valves installed on systems designed to BS EN 12845 are required by law to be tested on a weekly basis.

How often is flow-switch testing required?

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It is mandatory for systems designed to BS EN 12845 all that flow-switches installed on a system are tested quarterly. This test normally requires engineers to locate and open drain valves and discharge water from the system. Zonecheck and Firepod can carry out this test automatically, saving 100% of the water.

What do I need to know about exercising sprinkler valves?

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All valves controlling the flow of water on a sprinkler system designed to BS EN 12845 should be exercised on a quarterly basis and monitored for the correct position. Zonecheck Addressable provides provisions for the monitoring and remote testing of zone valves.

Sprinkler Specs

BS EN 12845
Fire sprinkler specifications template for systems designed to British and European standards 12845, including fully automated testing.


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