Zonecheck at Advanced Mercedes-Benz Plant


The Mercedes-Benz Rastatt plant was officially opened in May 1992 by the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. During its production period from 1997 to 2004 it achieved sales of over 1.1 million units. 


The decision to adopt Rastatt as a location was not easy, as several cities had shown interest in accommodating the plant, which in its first development stage promised jobs for 5,500 employees. In addition, there were concerns about the Rastatt site raised by the environmentalists. The decision did not have only economic implications, but also a political impact at both the regional and federal level. Ultimately, the decision went with Rastatt. 


In three initial phases the company created one of the most advanced production facilities in the entire automotive industry. New production technologies and new environmental protection concepts were implemented in order to achieve state-of-the-art automotive production. 


Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly orientated towards sustainability and environmental protection with a particular emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, conserving resources and avoiding waste. They are focused on eco-friendly production planning and innovative technical processes to help avoid unnecessary waste. They analyse and manage the impact of all businesses processes on the environment leading to the decision to install Zonecheck in the factories of Rastatt and Kuppenheim. 



"There were no costs involved in the usage of water and for the maintenance."



Installed by field specialists Minimax, Zonecheck is a sustainable testing and monitoring sprinkler device that saves 100% of the water usually wasted during testing. Unlike the traditional methods, Zonecheck automatically controls a flow-switch testing routine by re-circulating water in a closed loop rather than by opening a drain valve and discharging water from the system. It can save up to 1,280 litres of water per flow-switch every year. 


Innovation and Life Safety keep Mercedes-Benz moving forward by implementing new technologies. This is not to say that their innovative drive and concern about life safety are solely focussed on the vehicles, they also strive to safeguard their employees and visitors by fully committing to the most advanced, fully compliant, sustainable, life safety solutions. 



"Testing time was significantly reduced because all Zonechecks can be tested from a central system rather than from each individual location."

The new white zone check, designed to attune to modern building design and architecture,


This view extends to fire safety too, in fact, Zonecheck saves huge amounts of drinking water and energy by using natural resources, whereas conventional methods are very expensive to both the environment and the building owner.  Zonecheck saves time and costs when carrying out tests on sprinkler systems.  No man power is required and no fire pumps are activated during the testing. There is no disruption to the daily business as no engineers are required to travel around the building and test every flow-switch individually, as all Zonechecks can be tested remotely from the building management system. Zonecheck is fully approved to all major international approval bodies including VdS, UL, LPCB and FM standards.


Specifically for Mercedes-Benz, all the Zonechecks, which usually are painted red, have been supplied in white to match the colour of other services in the building. This is a proof that Zonecheck, beyond being adaptable to the design of the surrounding area, can really make a difference with its simplicity and innovation.


The sustainable merits make Zonecheck the perfect fit for the environmentally focused company.



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