Its a Safe Bet With Zonecheck, Resort World Birmingham


Modern casinos are complex multi-use developments that are open around the clock. Fire strategies and the protection of such buildings can be a difficult task. Zonecheck is a safe bet when considering the routine testing of a sprinkler system. 


Genting is a global name when it comes to gaming with casinos spread across every corner of the world. With 4, 500 hectares of prime resorts land across the globe Genting is committed to minimising the environmental impact of all their complexes, working to identify and source sustainable and effective ways to minimise energy consumption and the use of natural resources. All their casinos operate effective waste management and recycling and look to identify products and services from sustainable sources. 


Following talks with our Asian distributor Zonecheck was highlighted as way to help Genting meet their environmental targets and a will now feature in two new Genting casinos that are worlds apart. Firstly Malaysia’s only gaming venue the Casino de Genting are expanding their resort up in the highlands of Pahang. 


The location and shear altitude of the complex (6,000 feet above sea level) brings many obstacles for building services such as humidity and logistics. The use of Zonecheck at the casino for routine testing provides a multitude of benefits, not only does it over comes the issues associated with the unusual environment and meeting the high specification of the buildings regulations but also saves large amounts of water in the process. 



“We are passionate about identifying products and services from sustainable sources.” 



Testing at the casino with Zonecheck is a fully code compliant practice and can be carried out via a simple key-switch meaning no specialist sprinkler contractors are required to travel to site in order to carryout tests. Also the Casino de Genting is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year meaning there is never a good time to have engineers on site causing disruption. Another huge benefit of using Zonecheck is no water is discharged from the system and as a result no fire pumps are needed to run in order to refill the system also saving large amounts of energy. Ninety Zonechecks are to be installed at Casino de Genting saving over 117,000 liters per year and a lot of man power!


While also, 2015 sees the opening of the first integrated leisure and entertainment complex Genting Resort World, Birmingham. The 538,000 sq. ft project will also be adopting best practice for sustainable sprinkler system testing. The brand new development has a total of sixty five Zonechecks installed throughout saving over 80,000 liters of water annually. 


Together the two casinos by adopting Zonecheck will save close to 200,000 liters of water per year. The operational maintenance and duty to remain code compliant can be very costly, Zonecheck not only reduces the environmental impact of such buildings but can also save on revenue. Testing times are greatly reduced and maintenance costs are much lower when compared with traditional testing methods. 


The proof is that Zonecheck can really make a difference to these high-tech, open 24 hours a day, multi-use developments with its simplicity and innovation. I think its safe to say that Zonecheck is a safe bet.


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