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Childeric is a community primary school in the London Borough of Lewisham that provides education for children aged 3 to 11 years. The pupils come from a very wide range of ethnic backgrounds that reflect the diversity of the community. 


Over £300m – a combination of central government and council money – has been spent on rebuilding or refurbishing over 20 of the borough’s schools. Additionally, two brand-new schools have been built, and several primary schools have expanded to provide much-needed extra places. 13 of these school building/ rebuilding projects were funded through the Building Schools for the Future programme, an initiative by the previous government to replace, rebuild or renovate every secondary school in England over a 15–20 year period. 


Sustainability is at the heart of the initiative, with key aims to create schools that will last for at least 60 years and produce 60% less carbon emissions. At Childeric primary school, the rebuild included new facilities such as computer suites and a large multi-use hall. 



"Sustainability is at the heart of the initiative, with key aims to create schools that will last for at least 60 years and produce 60% less carbon emissions."



A fire sprinkler system was used to protect the investment, the building, students and staff at the school. Located in the heart of a busy London community, restricted space was a very real concern for the planners. This meant there was no room for a traditional water storage tank and pump house to feed the sprinkler system. By installing Pressurecheck, Project Fire’s engineers were able to utilise a small ground floor room within the existing building which created a significant area of free space that was made available for a playground and sports facilities. Further to this, using Pressurecheck nullified the health and safety risk of having an external, large water storage tank located in an environment shared with young children. 


Assembled and tested off-site at the factory, the OH1-15 Pressurecheck was delivered to site as one complete unit ready to be installed, connected and commissioned. 


Because no new building or pump house were required, Pressurecheck provided massive savings in construction materials, multiple site visits and building waste. What is more, being able to install a Pressurecheck within the school negated the need for immersion heaters or trace heating and lagging (power intensive systems traditionally associated with external tank and pump solutions). 



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