Zonecheck Addressable at Secure Hospital


The new adult mental health unit at the University Hospital in Cardiff cost £88 million to build and provides 135 beds in a state-of the-art care centre. The unit was designed by mental health services in collaboration with supply chain partners and will bring together adult inpatient services that includes the latest reassurance observation system for staff and patient safety.


The architect sought to develop a sustainable and “energy efficient design strategy” as a core element in the design process. The building is working towards a BREEAM “Excellent” rating to ensure the issues of sustainability, passive energy saving measures and renewable energy sources are fully embedded.


At 20,000m² the care centre will bring together all general adult mental health inpatient services, as well as specialist services for low secure, addiction, neuropsychiatry, intensive care, and supportive recovery services. Within the building, the layout allows for flexible boundaries between adjacent wards whilst maintaining gender privacy, dignity and security.


To help ensure the privacy and safety of all patients and staff as well as hitting it’s sustainability targets, the hospital utilised the Zonecheck Addressable system.



"To help ensure the privacy and safety of all patients and staff, the hospital utilised a Zonecheck Addressable system."



This meant the entire hospital’s flow-switch system could be monitored and tested 24/7 without maintenance staff requiring access to the hospital and with 100% water



Automatically managed by a single controller, the system monitors all fifteen flow-switches, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The smart system flags any errors with system flow-switches or zone valves whilst automatically managing the monthly ‘soft tests’ that comply with code standards without activating any fire alarms or auxiliary equipment.


Using Zonecheck Addressable negated the need for any external parties to enter any secure zones for testing purposes within the care centre as well as saving over

50,000 litres of water every year.



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