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At the centre of one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, Victoria, The Nova Building will bring 170 luxury apartments of the highest specification to the heart of the city. 


Due for completion in the second quarter of 2016 the building will house some of London’s most sought after residential properties. The Nova building will make up a apart of the huge £2.2 billion transformation of London SW1 by Land Securities. The exclusive modern apartments will only feature the finest materials and details, including a roof garden and residents lounge with panoramic views of Buckingham Palace and Royal Parks and even a private screening lounge. 


The incredibly high specification and shear grandeur of the apartments meant protecting them from fire or even water damage was significant. Simple put the cost in damage from a fire or accidental water release would be very substantial. In small compartmentalised areas such as a residential apartment block or even hotels the accidental release of a sprinkler head can be just as damaging as a fire. 


Time is critical and in the event of an accidental release the system can not be shut off until fire services arrive and determine the building is safe. The added time taken to locate a fire or accidental release by Fire and Rescue Services thousands more litres of water is expelled causing serious water damage before the sprinkler system can be shut off. 


During a meeting with our senior designers and top hoteliers from various global hotel brands, the main concerns for the use of sprinklers in hotels was the amount of water that is released. An example was given concluding an incident at one of their hotels where water cascaded through four floors taking several rooms out of commission, impacting revenue along with costly refurbishment works. For The Nova Building ceiling speaker systems, under floor heating and premium grade oak timber flooring would be a high price to pay.


Following a proposal to Hilson Moran, the main consultant for the project, the new smaller residential version of Zonecheck was highlighted as a great way to reduce this risk along with numerous other benefits to building services. 



“The new smaller residential version of Zonecheck was highlighted as a great way to reduce this risk.”



The LPCB approved Residential Zonecheck allows the location of a fire or accidental activation to be precisely known. This saves crucial time as fire services are able to react quicker, reducing water damage to a minimum. Not only this, the use of Zonecheck enables building services to remotely carryout a test at the turn of a key saving 100% of the water normally discharged to waste. Traditionally this test would require two engineers to travel to site and manually open and close the drain valve for each apartment. This would inturn require large fire pumps to run using energy to refill the system each time a test is carried out. 


The use of Zonecheck for each apartment in buildings like these really does make sense. With reduced time for sprinkler shut off, reduced water damage to property, better information for fire and rescue services and reduced sprinkler maintenance costs. The sustainable merits alone make Zonecheck an obvious choice but with the added benefit of knowing exactly where a fire or fault is, it’s priceless.


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