Sustainability Specified at London Based Airport


2014 was a milestone year with record highs in passenger numbersand this busy London aiport is set to begin it’s £100 million transformation. The new development includes plans to expand and modernise the terminal building along with a new passenger lounge, retail and catering areas. 


A raft of new improvements will feature as a part of the major makeover of the airport. The new retail areas will be made up of a total of 60 shop units. Each tenant will be responsible for installing a Zonecheck flow-switch testing device as a part of the airport’s building specification for water conservation. Not only will this save 100% of the water normally discharged to waste but will make complying with fire codes easy. Also testing with Zonecheck, especially within an airport environment, minimises disruption as no engineers are required to travel to site meaning no security escorts or special site passes or coordination with other services is needed. 


Considerable amounts of fresh drinking water will also be saved every week through the periodic testing of the alarm valves, as all new and existing alarm valves at the airport shall also be fitted with a Bellcheck alarm valve testing device. Traditional alarm valve testing is a very wasteful practice and involves the discharge of huge amounts of water to drain every week. Bellcheck can also save 100% of this water by creating a closed loop system and re-circulating it around the alarm valve.


The combination of using Zonecheck and Bellcheck for routine testing not only conserves huge amounts of water but also indirectly conserves all the energy normally used when running large fire pumps to refill a system each time a test is carried out. Together our products will save the airport considerable amounts of energy and over 230,000 liters of water per year.



"Together our products will save the airport considerable amounts of energy and over 230,000 liters of water per year"



The new owners, one of the world’s largest airport operators see sustainability as a key factor in the development of airport facilities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increased energy efficiency and efficient use of natural resources. Both Zonecheck and Bellcheck will play a big part in helping meet carbon emission targets and vision for a greener airport.


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