Livetap Lands at Heathrow


Following a successful presentation of the benefits of under pressure drilling and a live demonstration of the Livetap process at Heathrow we have opened the door to one of the busiest airports in the world. 


BAA did not want to drain down the sprinkler system, and searching for solutions Livetap was highlighted as the perfect tool for sprinkler system modifications at airports. The fact is busy airports like Heathrow are always open and remaining fully operational is of upmost importance. Isolating parts of a sprinkler system for maintenance works is very disruptive and costly. It takes a lot of planning, paperwork and coordination to organise such works. Upon discovering this new technology BAA were keen to explore new ideas. 



 “BAA did not want to drain down the sprinkler system.”



Heathrow never sleeps, open 24/7, 365 days a year with nearly 200,000 passengers passing through every day. So maintaining sprinkler protection in such a busy building is paramount and Livetap is an innovation that not only keeps passengers safe but it is also a sustainable process reducing the overall carbon footprint of maintaining a sprinkler system. 


Livetap with its wide range of versatile applications ticked every box at Heathrow. It’s sustainable as no drain down is required, saving thousands of litres of water every time a modification is required and full sprinkler protection is maintained at all times during the works. No fire alarms or pumps are activated and there is no disruption to the every day running of the airport. We now hope that other UK airports see the array of benefits that using Livetap brings now BAA have jumped on board. 



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