Residential Sprinkler Design Course

The Project Fire Academy is now offering residential fire sprinkler design courses aimed at those wishing to know more about residential and domestic sprinkler design under BS 9251:2021. The course aims to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to design a compliant sprinkler system using appropriate sprinkler equipment in accordance with BS 9251: 2021. The course will also look at best practice for things like system enhancements, multi-storey buildings, mixed use buildings and how the sprinkler system may fit into the wider fire strategy.

Although attendees are assessed for competency at the end of the course, it does not include any formal qualification; exams from third party bodies can be organised and booked separately.

Training is provided by Andrew Fisher who has worked in the sprinkler industry for over 10 years, previously passed the LPS 1048 exams and is also a qualified teacher. Andrew has been providing training in automatic fire sprinkler systems for over 6 years, has delivered over a 1000 hours of CPD training to global consultancy firms and also curates and presents Project Fire’s educational platform “Sprinkler Talk”.


    • Categories of system
    • Water supply options
    • Pump selection
    • Tank sizing
    • Pipe sizing
    • Residential sprinkler head selection
    • Head spacings and layout
    • Exceptions to sprinkler protection
    • Mixed use buildings
    • Protection on non-residential areas
    • Alarms and signalling
    • Service and maintenance
    • Documentation and comissioning
    • Practice examples

Residential Course

The course will be in-person and classroom based at our offices. Although a general overview will be given a basic understanding of the workings of a sprinkler system and the components is recommended. It is highly recommended that you have your own copy of the latest BS 9251:2021 sprinkler rule book. Booking form below.


    • 3rd – 5th June

£550 +VAT

Project Fire Products Ltd, Pasturefields Lane, Hixon, Staffordshire, ST18 0PH

Categories of systems
Design criteria
Key terms
AHJs and system enhancements
Sprinkler heads
Static and frictional losses
Extent of sprinkler protection (and shadow areas)
Pipe supports
Mixed use buildings and TB202
Multi-storey buildings
Valves and test equipment
Water supplies
Electrical considerations
Pump selection and pump curves
How to complete design calculations
Example exercise
Service and maintenance
Alarms and signalling
Design and documentation
Approvals and schemes
Final assessment (question paper)
Final assessment (answer paper)

Train to design residential fire sprinkler systems.

Use the form opposite to book your place onto one of our courses. Once you’ve submitted your details we’ll be in touch regarding payment. For any further information please phone or email