Fire sprinkler protection for the home.

Protecting property and life.

Below is a complete residential fire sprinkler specification. This sprinkler specification has been developed to specifically recognise and provide the highest level of fire protection engineering, monitoring, and endurance for project sustainability. Our solutions go above and beyond best practice and help create more efficient and sustainable systems and are simply a smarter way to remain compliant.

This specification is designed for automatic fire sprinkler systems that fall under the current British Standard 9251. This will include most insured risks. Where the sprinkler system is being installed for purposes of property protection the insurer will typically require the sprinkler system to be installed to the LPC rules (which is BS 9251 and the technical bulletins) which are published by the FPA (Fire Protection Association).

BS 9251

Do all valves have to be monitored?

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All valves on a system designed BS 9251 (except category 1) that control the flow of water to a system should be electrically monitored for the correct open position.

How often is flow-switch testing required on residential systems?

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It is mandatory for systems designed to BS 9251 all flow-switches installed on a system are tested annually to determine they are functioning as designed. Zonecheck Residential can carry out this test automatically, saving 100% of the water.

What height does a residential building need to be for a sprinkler system to be required?

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All residential buildings over 11m high must have a fire sprinkler system installed.

What type of water supply should I use for a residential sprinkler system?

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A suitable water supply should be chosen depending on the application. There are several types that can be used, a mains water supply (mains pressure only; or mains with booster pump) or stored water supply (pump supplied from a water tank; regulated pressurised vessel or gravity fed water system).

Sprinkler Specs

BS 9251:2021
Fire sprinkler specification template for systems designed to British Standard 9251 including automated testing.


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